When it comes to typography, this theme has options to set default fonts and sizes for the entire site using the Theme Options panel. Choose from a list of Google fonts for headings and body.

H1 Heading Example

H2 Heading Example

H3 Heading Example

H4 Heading Example

H5 Heading Example
H6 Heading Example

Advanced Heading Block

Use the Advanced Heading Block to customize fonts on pages and posts. Choose different fonts, sizes, and colors to create a more stylized look.


Got this!

Another Win

Create advanced text and image effects that were previously only accomplished by image editors or custom coding.


“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

— Dalai Lama

Pull Quote

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

— Albert Einstein


  • Ordered lists
    • Apples
    • Oranges
  • Another list
    • Rock
    • Paper
    • Scissors
  1. Numbered Lists
  2. Using numbers for lists
    1. Indented sublist
    2. Another item
    3. And another item

Preformatted Text

Like the paragraph block, the preformatted block is intended primarily to display text. Unlike the paragraph block, though, the preformatted block keeps any spacing or line breaks exactly as they are entered.

Preformatted text. Similar to the code block, the preformatted block is displayed in a monospace font, making it easy to keep text perfectly aligned. However, the preformatted block also includes styling and the ability to add hyperlinks (described below) that a code block doesn’t have.